Grace Personified

I had planned to write quite a bit about my dear daughter Flutterbug for her birthday, but honestly, I didn't know where to begin.

Since the day she popped out of the womb, Flutterbug's been bringing us joy and laughter. Sometimes chuckles, sometimes gut-wrenching, side-splitting, tears-running-down-the-face roaring.

I can hardly believe she's eighteen years old. Eighteen!

She loves to read, loves to run around with her folks (go figure), loves to teach children, loves to help her friends with their problems, loves to write (and blog), loves cheese in all its forms, loves a good movie, and loves her Savior with all her heart.

What doesn't she love?

Idiots of any type (especially those on the road), fish, sitting around the house, dog puke (good thing she wasn't home this morning - Buddy licked up Kiki's milk and puked eight times in about 3 minutes, in five different rooms!), working out at the YMCA (she has it down to a science - getting in and out in the shortest amount of time possible), and people who claim to be saved and live like they're lost. Oh, and also tomatoes. Even ones from the garden.

Here's Collin giving her a big birthday greeting when she came in to work. (She works with us at Victory Home, answering phones and scheduling donation pickups, which is quite a complex task. And she does it well. We didn't make her work all afternoon, just a short while to make sure things were under control, and to be able to get cards and gifts!)

Collin is the son of one of our staff members. Flutterbug's been teaching him in Sunday School and Children's Church for several years.

We started her birthday yesterday by doing something we've never done before: got manicures and pedicures. Yup, we're newbies.

Ummm...didn't really take into consideration that someone would be touching my feet. My very ticklish feet. But my out-of-control laughing loosened up the girl that was doing the pedicure - up until then, she hadn't said a word, not even a greeting. She laughed right along with me, and was sweet and nice from then on. Especially for someone with a revolver tattoed on her arm.

Flutterbug counted the fat rolls, tattoes and piercings of the day spa staff, while I marveled at the music ("...she broke my heart in the trailer park" - and the lyrics go downhill from there).

However, our fingers and toes looked beautiful! I'd show you a picture, but we didn't take one quickly enough and we've pretty much destroyed the results in a day. Probably not something we should put in the budget!

After dining out, and seeing a movie, we came home to a birthday cookie and presents (note Kiki in the background, in her third collar, made of a World Market canvas bag).

Flutterbug's dad got her these beautiful flowers.

Grammy and Grampa T. got her the most adorable long-legged camel ornament (in dress shoes!) for her collection.

AND, among other things, she got the Due South DVD collection, which we're watching right now. What fun!

Buddy enjoyed the wrappings.

God gave us a great big gift in Flutterbug. Talk about AMAZING GRACE. I can't thank Him enough.

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