We're heading out of town for a few days.

Kiki's foot booboo has taken a turn for the worse.

And the washing machine won't spin out the clothes.

And this little baby will be driving around town on her own while we're gone.

AND I forgot to add her to our insurance.

Things are lining up perfectly.

We're heading west. And by west I mean "west but still in the same state." I've never been west of, well, Atlanta. Wait a minute, I once flew into Cincinnati. Or was it Cleveland?

So we're heading west to Smith Mountain Lake for a nice, relaxing 3-day pastors and wives retreat. I may be too busy retreating to blog, and they may not have wireless internet, but I'll be back, rested and relaxed, in a few days.

Wait - Flutterbug'll be DRIVING HERSELF around town. DRIVING HERSELF. AROUND TOWN.

I hope they have massage therapy, hypnosis, accupuncture, mudbaths, and personal lullaby singers at this place. I'm gonna need the works.


Flutterbug said...

HA! I'd like to see you get accupunture! Actually, by time this is done, you might need botox from worrying so hard about me :P

jltanner said...

Enjoy your time together. I will be praying that your days are relaxing and sweet. (even without the sugar :)