The To-Do List Is Shrinking

There's a table under here somewhere. Hopefully it'll appear tomorrow.

Don't get me wrong - I'm not complaining. It was a good day. Cranked up the stereo and kept pace with the beautiful rhythms and soaring melodies of Andrea Bocelli and Mario Frangoulis and Yanni (go ahead and laugh, I have a thick skin).

While looking for links just now, I also came across this video, which has always given me goosebumps - check it out.

I lit a few candles to make the house smell good. And took out the trash so the candles wouldn't have to work so hard.

I kept the washer and dryer busy all day.

I ate what I wanted for supper - a philly cheesesteak pizza (it makes Mike gag!) and Buddy ate the leftovers from my plate. No doubt I'll find it in a different form somewhere on the floor in the morning. Nothing I can't handle. When you have a throw-up'n dog like Buddy, you get used to it.

I spent a good amount of time scrounging around for things to sell at Saturday's yard sale. I walked around the house about 50 times, saying to myself, "Now, what can I live without?" Slapped a sticker on Kiki, but then she looked up at me with those huge eyes and I had to tear it off.

In case it sounds like I'm perfectly happy alone, let me clarify - I miss my Bubbas, both Big and Little! Buddy feels the same way, spending most of his time lying around at the front door.

Now when I go to bed, he'll be wide awake; he will wait for me to fall asleep and then he'll suddenly bark furiously at a noise; he'll get a terrible itch and take 15 minutes to scratch it while sitting on the bed; he'll hop down, hop back up, hop down, hop back up.

I'll be awake anyway - that pizza gave me heartburn, the neighbors will probably have another 2am fight five feet from the house, and I'll be hearing creepy noises all night. H.U.R.R.Y. H.O.M.E. H.U.B.B.Y.

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