Where's My Vim?

I'm sitting in my chair in a daze.

Haven't gotten out of it for, wow (looking at my watch), 2 hours.

I waved goodbye to Mike and Flutterbug this morning. They headed to South Carolina (for his bi-monthly arthritis treatment) without me.

Thought it'd be good to take some time to catch up on those pesky things that were hanging over my head.

And here I sit in my chair!

But, in my defense, it is 9pm, and I worked all day, on my feet the entire time except for a short lunch, and then I went grocery shopping.

So do you see why I am in my chair, in a daze, watching ALF?

Tomorrow I will be full of vim and vigor and I will dig in and all kinds of wonderful things will be accomplished and, hopefully, at around 9pm I'll be sitting in my chair again, relaxed and refocused and regrouped, and not watching ALF.

Guess I should get out of my chair now . . .

. . . nah, maybe after Andy Griffith.

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