Tuesday: Snoozday

I've got nuthin'.

What a dull day. I'm sure you don't want to hear about me catching Buddy chowing down on Kiki's
still-steaming...well, you don't want to hear about that. And it may have been the highlight of the day.

I cleaned out the fridge tonight. Threw away a veritable rainbow of moldy food. Green, blue, gray, black. Well, maybe not a rainbow, more like an overcast sky.

Which we also had today. Plus chilly air and a stiff breeze.

I did a bunch of filing. That's exciting.

Oh, and there was the trip to Walmart, to wander around aimlessly, and buy cat food, for Buddy. He suffers from the "grass is greener" syndrome.

So...I'm going to go upstairs to scrub the starch off the iron. Y'all come back tomorrow and maybe by then I will have fallen down, or had a wonderful adventure, or witnessed a dramatic event. In the meantime, a word to the wise: steer clear of Buddy's mouth!

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