Wednesday: Friends Day

I nearly called today Wednesday: "Depends" Day. Don't ask.

I'm glad "Friends" rhymes, too, for I have some beautiful friends.

One just emailed me tonight, commiserating with me over growing old. It's so nice to know that we're all aging at generally the same rate. I look at 30-year-olds walking by so confidently, with their nice skin and healthy hair and good teeth, and I think, "Ha! You will blink, and suddenly you will be like ME. Mwah-ha-ha-ha-ha."

On the other hand, it is hard to imagine my friend aging, with her nice skin and pretty hair and good teeth...hey, wait a minute, she's older than me. It IS just me that's growing old. I KNEW it.

One friend travels all over the world as a "Virtuoso Travel Counselor." I love that job title. She, as a pastor's wife, commiserates (my word-of-the-day) with me over the joys and hardships of life in the pastorate. And she introduced me to Thai food, for which I'm ever so grateful (my stomach, not so much).

I'm back in touch with a couple of friends from my childhood, thanks to
Facebook. There's a warm, fuzzy feeling associated with chats with old friends. I supposed it has something to do with feeling young again for a few minutes.

My closest friends are Mike and Flutterbug. We all had a good snorting, snickering laugh together on the bed tonight as Mike prayed for "That Lady," referring to her as "Lolita," since, as usual, the real name wouldn't come to mind. We laugh a lot when we're praying together, but I don't think it's a bad thing. We're not trying to be disrespectful, and I believe God, who gave us laughter, and who is such a joyful Being Himself, enjoys the shared laughter of His children as we fellowship in Him.

And who knows, maybe we make HIM laugh, as He sees our silly human antics. There are times when He's probably shaking His head and roaring with laughter over our foibles.

And hands-down, He's the BEST Friend a person could have!

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