There's Off, and Then There's Off

I really need tomorrow's day off.

I don't think we have a single clean dish left. No forks. No plates. No glasses.

Hardly any clean laundry either. Especially unmentionables socks. One needs clean socks on a daily basis if one is not to be gross.

I can't find my dining table. I'm sure it's in the dining room somewhere; I may need a shovel. And a divining rod. And some Junior Mints (to keep up my strength).

Buddy is almost out of cat food.

The dry cleaning has been lying across the bikes in the hall for several days. That would be fine, but I really need the bikes for hanging up the winter coats.

It rained all night, and Buddy doesn't care to use his spacious outdoor bathroom in the rain, so my foot discovered a wet spot on the bathroom rug this morning. I folded over the rug and left it there, since I was racing against the clock to get ready for church.

I've lost my camera card, and I have a sinking feeling that I may have vacuumed it up. That'll be a fun job.

I need to clean off my bedroom dresser. Nearly sprayed my hair with athlete's foot spray the other day. And the hairspray fused my toes together.

Then again, I may just curl up with a bowl of Grape Nuts and a good book and fritter the day away.

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Anonymous said...

your life is sounding like mine. thought I would have today off to get caught up around here and got called into work instead! I'm tired!