Jupiter & Neptune & Peace & Quiet

I didn't get much marked off my to-do list today.

As a result Nonetheless, I had a great day. This afternoon we all hopped into the car to search for a Christmas tree farm. Just to window shop.

The "Hampton Roads" part of Virginia is strange and wonderful - the sprawling cities butt up against marshland to the south, the Atlantic to the east, and the Chesapeake Bay to the north. Fighter jets frequently roar overhead, and surf shops sit next to country stores. After an hour and a half of driving all over town in heavy traffic (plus a stop at Wawa for lunch - who can resist Wawa?) we suddenly found ourselves in another world.

No more people, no more buildings, just a road and reeds and water and sky. Ahhhh.

As the sun went down, the crescent moon appeared, accompanied by Venus and Jupiter - a rare and beautiful sight!

A kind lady at church slipped me a ticket to the "Holiday Lights at the Beach" so we headed north after dark to the waterfront, which is closely guarded by Jupiter's brother Neptune. (The main avenues around here are not decorated with candy canes, bells, and snowflakes, but with lighted three-pronged tridents, clams, and crabs.)

We drove along the boardwalk with the hotels to the left, ocean to the right (never really saw the water since it was so dark, but it smelled good!).

Who knew Santa was into parasailing and waterskiing?!

We were pleasantly surprised to see a nativity scene!

Thirty minutes later we were heading back through the tunnel to our neighborhood, and noise, and busy-busy-busyness.

It was so nice while it lasted. Until next Monday!


Modemom said...

Can I come live with you on Mondays? Your little getaways are so neat!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

C'mon up!!