I Love Lists

Five things I didn't do today because I'm sick:

1) Kiss my husband goodbye. After all, he's a CARRIER.

2) Put up the Christmas tree. Poor thing won't have any needles left at this rate.

3) Clean the kitchen. Any excuse will do. But I did put the horrid crock pot in the freezer to freeze the stinky gunk before throwing it out on trash day. Little trick I do.

4) Step foot outside the house. Sounded like too much effort to me. Mike and Flutterbug picked up a tree stand, some Christmas gifts and a pizza. Aren't they awesome?

5) Eat sweet potato chips. That's saying a lot. I've been on a sweet-potato-chip-kick lately. Utz is a good brand, and Route 11 is even better. It's a salty-and-sweet party in my mouth! BUT, not so appealing right now. I blame the green-and-yellow gunk that keeps crawling up my windpipe.

Five things I DID do, and wish I hadn't:

1) Dragged a big trunk, full of stuff, down the stairs by myself. In my bare feet. Hurted my toe-y. But our tree is a little short for 10-foot ceilings, and in case we ever do put it up, I want to give it a boost, so it won't be embarrassed.

2) Put the crock pot in the freezer. Can you say Rotten-Meat-Flavored-Ice-Cubes?

3) Changed a bulb in the string of lights that outline the spare room window. Guess I should have unplugged the string first, because I blew the brand new fuses in it. AGAIN.

4) Consumed a VENTI (mega-large) double-chocolate-chip blended-cream frappucino. And I have the stomach ache to prove it.

5) Watched spaghetti come out of a baby's nose on TV. That's a pretty good indication that I watched too much TV today.

Time for me to take some Nyquil (pills for me; my sensitive palate will not tolerate that horrible liquid stuff - I shriek and gag and run away just smelling it on my husband's breath when he takes it) and wrap up in my blanket, and put my feet on my hot-water bottle, and whine for a little while, and cough myself to sleep, and dream that I'm floating on a sweet potato chip in a huge frappucino vat with smelly crock pots flying overhead.

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BBC said...

Even when you're sick, you've still got it. I laughed myself silly. Thanks, I needed that! (don't know if you've been to FB, but ds left home on his 17th birthday; he's ready to be a man - no diploma, no job, no drivers license, no mom.)