If Only I Had Something to Say

Isn't God good? He slowed me down today, just like I needed.

I'm sick! Not real sick, just enough to be forced to slow down, take an afternoon nap, miss church this evening, lie around on the sofa. And blog. Yay!

Now, if only I had something to say.

I seem to be off my groove lately. Some weeks there's just so much to talk about, and some weeks are pretty dry...I don't suppose you'd want to hear about me shaving Kiki's chest, and the resulting mile-long furball after she licked herself for hours afterward.

I'll tell you anyway, until something better comes to mind. See, the fur was all knotty from wearing that collar for the better part of six months, and I couldn't resist taking Mike's clippers to it. And when I came downstairs the next morning, there was the furball, in all its glory, right in the center of a piece of newspaper. I was so impressed with Kiki for having the courtesy to pop it out onto a paper; found out later that Mike had heard it coming and followed her all over the house with the paper, trying to catch it. And then, of course, being a man, he left it there on the floor.

The last time I used Mike's clippers was on Buddy (only managed a two-inch patch on his side before giving up) and I didn't put the right attachment back on, and Mike ran it over his hair for a quick cut and walked out of the bathroom nearly bald. That makes three members of the family with weird haircuts.

Got another tree done - this little one's in Mike "prayer room." It's a tiny room upstairs with not much more than a little desk, a couple of chairs, a bookcase and printer. Mike has always liked tinsel, so this one gets it - I don't have the patience to put it on our main tree.

When I was a kid, my Dad generally put the tinsel on the tree, three strands at a time for each branch. It looked beautiful, of course, but I don't have the obsessi personality for the effort it would take to make it look that good!

Here's our main tree - it's been lying there against the living room wall for a couple of days because I can't find the tree stand anywhere. Guess we'll be making a trip to our thrift store tomorrow; they're only a dollar there.

And when I get feeling better, this wonderful pine garland will be put up along the stair railing, and outside along the porch.

So even though nothing much is done yet, at least the house SMELLS good.

Except for that one spot in the kitchen. But I think I've found the culprit - evidently, in my efforts to make room in the fridge for the turkey, way back when, I pulled out the crock pot (not sure what was in it) and stuck it on top of the fridge. Just noticed it today and there's no way I'm looking in it now. Not while I'm sick anyway - I may cough up a furball of my own.


Modemom said...

You may think you have nothing to say, but you sure left me "rolling on the floor laughing". (Original, huh?) Love that little tree in the prayer room. Feel well soon! Sending love and prayers.

BBC said...

"And then, of course, being a man, he left it there on the floor." HEHEHE!

I admire anyone who can work with real garland. I'm afraid to tackle a job like that. Plus, I have nowhere to put any.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Real garland makes a mess after a while, plus it gets dried-out looking and pitiful after a few weeks (the indoor part, anyway) so there are some cons, too. But there's that wonderful smell!

The Inept Aspirant said...

Funny! I accidentally gave my husband a skinhead,once, too. Of course, my husband doesn't have to get up in front of people to preach!
And the crockpot thing? Ugh! I think I might just throw it out.