Diet's suffering a bit.

That's the stollen that I usually make around Christmas. We had such a wonderful house/pet sitter while we were in South Carolina that I wanted to make her some as a thank-you, but the thought of making only one loaf was just too much for me.

Hoo boy, it is so good. Just had two slices, warmed and buttered, with a glass of milk.

In other news, I've been to the YMCA two days in a row. I think that's a record.

There are a few side effects of working out.

For instance, the fronts of my thighs are so sore that I can't help letting out a shriek when I sit down on, say, a toilet. It's not that big a deal at home, but I don't know what those people at Walmart thought.

I love that our Y has Bible verses all over the walls - not easy to see in the picture below, but they're on the green strips toward the ceiling. So pleasant to focus on, especially when Montel Williams is on the TV, or, even worse, sports. Ugh.

Our heat doesn't want to come on tonight, and my toes is froze. Think I'll go curl up in bed, plop Kiki onto my feet, and draw the comforter up over my nose 'til morning.


BBC said...

Well, sure, I understand. You work out two days straight, you DESERVE a treat like homemade stollen! hehehe Keep up the good workout!

Anonymous said...

Your stollen looks a lot like the challah bread we make. We'll be making some for church Sunday. I can picture you letting out a holler in Wal-Mart. Funny!