Time For a Change

I can't escape it - there's something about a new year that makes me feel the need to clamber (word-of-the-week) onto the bandwagon with all the other poor saps like me who are less than physically fit.

So here goes.

Four goals for 2009:

1. Go to the YMCA six days a week.

Sounds like a bit much, but if that's the goal, maybe I'll make it for three or four of the six and thatsa notsa bad. The Y is a whopping five minutes away, which helps.

2. Drink more water.

Soooo, more public bathroom adventures. That'll come in handy on days that I have nothing to blog about (something for you to look forward to!).

3. Count my calories (and keep them below 1,750).

We'll see how that goes - I'm not very good at writing anything down. Every important number is in my head. Phone numbers, account numbers, passwords. I'm surprised my brain hasn't run out of room. It's still storing phone numbers from my childhood. But somehow, calorie numbers don't do so well in there. They mysteriously disappear, causing me to think I still have room to eat a few more bowls of Grape Nuts. And then I get bigger.

4. Take my vitamins.

Sounds like the easiest one. You would think. But not for someone who is the polar opposite of a creature of habit. I've been working on the flossing habit for nearly 40 years and it still hasn't stuck. I'd probably get chewed out at my semi-annual cleanings, but my dentist can't seem to master the habit either, so he wisely keeps his mouth shut, so to speak.

So here I go, taking the plunge,

getting on the ball,

hopping on the bandwagon,

rolling up my sleeves,

taking action,

getting down to business.

Whew. All that activity is making me tired. I'd better schedule a good long naptime if I'm going to get anything accomplished this year.

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