Life's a Peach

I love it when the family is together,

when the generations mingle,

when little cousins relax against big cousins, and grandpas chat with grandkids.

There's lots of laughing, and shrieking, and yakking, and fussing, and giggling!

We exchanged gifts and ate delicious food and filled in the cracks with yummy pie, and made the kids clean up afterwards.

Mike had an opportunity to speak later in the week at a "Beyond Recovery" meeting, and he only had sneakers, so I headed to Bargain Shoes in the Peach Capital of the World (Gaffney, SC).

In five minutes I had three pairs of shoes in my arms. Figured I'd better hurry up and head to the men's shoe department.

While I was in Gaffney, I got to sit down for a few minutes with an old friend and it was wonderful. As Ann Shirley would say, she's a kindred spirit! I also enjoyed catching up with several other old friends this week - I suppose I'm getting OLD, but it's a nice warm and fuzzy feeling to wax nostalgic now and then with friends from the past.

Facebook feeds my yen for nostalgia. I'm chatting with distant relatives and childhood friends and former neighbors and grade school chums.

And now I'm on Twitter. Still a little confused by it, so no hard questions, please. Like "What's Twitter?" or "How does it work?" And I'll refrain from asking you to explain cold fusion or why you can't eat just one Junior Mint or how birds fly straight when their eyes are on the sides of their heads.

Or what it is about shoes that gives a girl such a thrill.


BBC said...

We love to see the Gaffney Peach and shop the outlets - usually in October after visiting school day at the Renaissance Festival.

I have no nostalgia with Facebook - no long-lost childhood friends. I don't think they are computer literate. haha! In fact, you're the only college friend I have on there. Everyone else is more recent friends than that. You know, I guess if I wanted to be found, I should have included my maiden name, but too late now!

I don't know what Twitter is, but Multiply, Facebook, and Blogspot are all I can handle. My myspace page languishes from lack of time and interest.

Blah, blah, blah. When did I get so verbose?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

I'm half afraid to ask, but what's Multiply?

BBC said...

Multiply is the blog world my friends and I migrated to after Yahoo 360 appeared to be going belly up. That's where I do my daily blogs (except for now; I'm taking a break). You can post videos, photo albums, music, and so forth in addition to blogs.