HGTV, Take Notes

I had a great time with my family this week. We arrived back home a few hours ago, to a jubilant dog and a much cleaner house than we left (thank you, housesitter!).

Now I have to go back and revisit my week with my family - the lack of internet availability has set me back!

I'm going to start with my mother's adorably decorated house - she has the neatest touch with Christmas decorating. I love it!

Here's one of her more furry decorations:

(It looks like I caught Graybie in action, but that's just the way he sits. He was in that position for at least 15 minutes.)

That's all for now. It's Saturday night, and I've been gone all week, and we have two, make that three, church services tomorrow, and I have to pull chords for the music, and find something to wear, and find my toothbrush...uh, oh:


Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Your mom's house looks adorable and cozy! Hope you boil that toothbrush before you use it again :)

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Ha! Buddy gets to keep it!