Over the River and Into a Cyber-Hole

I'm at my mama's house.


Can't get her wireless internet to work.


Tried squishing against a window and contorting my body into a favorable position to catch a neighbor's unsecured network.


Now I'm sitting in a parking lot being enthusiastically waved at by a deli employee who mistakenly thinks I'm waiting for them to open.


And now battery's about to die.


I am NOT paying for internet at Starbucks or B&N, so you'll have to patiently wait for the details of our adventures here in the utopic land of Greenville, from which we will return in a couple of days.

Utopic. As in Utopian. Yeah, that's the word. I was close. Give me a break. It's that cyber-hole thing throwing me off my groove.


BBC said...

LOL - I couldn't get my wifi access at my mom's house unless I went out to the freezing cold van and held my laptop up to the ceiling -- boy, that was some painful blog-checking I did over Thanksgiving! hehehe

I didn't realize that Starbucks made you pay for the privilege of Internet access. That's awfully selfish of them...

D Wright said...

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Happy New Year!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Brenda, I can just picture that!

Starbucks has some kind of deal where you can join their internet thing and get a couple of free hours of internet per day, but we need it so rarely. Panera Bread is free, and if it had been closer we would have gone there, and eaten broccoli-cheese soup with potato chips dumped in it - yum!