Winter Storm '09

Yeah. Don't make me talk about it or I may cry. Or at least get whiny.

I'm thinking of going to bed early. That's something I RARELY do, but the appeal is very strong right now.

A belly full of Shepherd's Pie is certainly helping.

Peering out the window every hour or two last night looking for the snow may have contributed. (And I wasn't the only one in the house who did that, by the way.)

We've all suffered the effects of Snow-Absence.

Snow-Trickery. Snow-No-Show. We were Snow-Jilted!


BBC said...

No snow here, either. First we were practically promised 1-4 inches of snow! Then late in the evening it changed to little or no accumulation. Forecasters have been known to mess up, so I still woke up every hour and looked out the window for the hoped-for descending whiteness. Nothing. Drats. I feel cheated! I demand a refund!

...flutterbug* said...


I'm getting weepy again just thinking about it.

But dearest mother, check my blog again. :)

Anonymous said...

Come to NH...we have plenty to go around. Just got a foot of fresh snow last week and it's losing it's appeal quickly for us!

Cyndi said...

LOL!!! Thanks for the comment! :) That is an idea if this water squirting doesn't work!

Ohh.. snow.. :,(