What's Typical, Anyway?

It's been a typical week here in Nuttyland.

Pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and it was coated in a thick layer of bright orange popcorn salt. Note to self: popcorn salt in right pocket, cell phone in left.

Flutterbug took the S.A.T. on Saturday. One more step toward LEAVING HER MOTHER.

I sorted, priced and displayed hundreds of books for the thrift store. Found a book I thought my mother-in-law would enjoy, but I'll have to wait until it dries to send it - dropped it in the tub the other night. Wouldn't cha know.

I also FELL DOWN while working at the warehouse. Plastic hanger on the concrete floor, box full of books in my arms, two people right nearby who didn't notice (I have good luck that way).

One of the Victory Home guys compared himself to Jonah tonight. He said, "The good news is that I'm in the whale now!"

I'm thinking of trying to be a little arty - I've collected some stuff to make a mosaic mirror.

Now that I look at the picture, I'm thinking I may not have enough mosaic stuff to cover the surface.

The trick will be getting it done within 5 years. That's about my average for a project, no matter how small.

Flutterbug and I had another rip-roaring laugh in the car the other day. Something about me asking her what my knee looked like (after falling on it) and her saying she thought it looked like chicken, and me saying I thought it looked more like Donny Osmond, and...well...you kind of had to be there.

Worked out at the "Y" the other day - back to shrieking from sore legs when I sit down on the toilet. Working out every other week isn't working out. I mean that in every way. I don't know what happened to six-days-a-week. It may have been the overwhelming channel choices on the treadmill TVs - how could I possibly be expected to choose between Magnum P.I, the Barefoot Contessa and a Monk rerun (with Sharona, no less)???

So there's the week in a NUTshell.


BBC said...

LOL - no, I don't think you have enough for your mosaic mirror. The good news is that you work in a shop full of breakable items that can be added to the mirror! ROFLOL (My aunt used to make mosaics out of broken dishes and windshields and so forth. I wonder if my mom still has some of those works of art?)

Note to self: put popcorn salt in cabinet where it belongs! HEHEHE!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Salt came home from the movies LOOSE! It started out in a napkin, but then I pulled the napkin out, forgetting what it was, and the salt didn't come with it!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Thanks for the laugh..it was much needed. I especially love how happy that man is to be inside the whale! What a riot.