Facebook Fun

Buddy's hooked on Facebook (he learned to read upside down in community college). He loves connecting with old friends and young relatives and people he nearly forgot he knew.

He found Snoopy on here (by searching for alumni of the Daisy Hill Puppy Farm), and Marmaduke, and Benji.

Buddy completed the popular "25 Random Things About Me":

1. My favorite treat is cat poop.

2. I secretly enjoy watching AFV.

3. That cat will NEVER win.

4. My favorite words: Wanna go for a ride? and anything that sounds remotely like that.

5. If I whine enough, I'll get my way. Shhhh, don't tell.

6. I love the smell of bad breath.

7. My favorite pet food: Purina Cat Chow for Sensitive Systems.

8. That cat will NEVER win.

9. I considerately poop in the ivy, rather than on the grass.

10. I feel an eery connection to Buddy Ebsen and Buddy Holly.

11. I prefer the spare room rug over the ivy on rainy days.

12. Vegetable lasagna gives me gas.

13. My cell phone ring is "Dog Day Afternoon."

14. It used to be "Achy Breaky Heart."

15. The men in my neighborhood run screaming like girls when I get loose. Very entertaining, more fun than AFV.

16. That cat will NEVER win.

17. My throwing up record is 15 piles in 8 hours.

18. Some people think I have bug eyes, but they're just deep set.

19. My toenails can tap out "My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean" on a good hardwood floor.

20. I don't chew slippers. I prefer used q-tips.

21. This nose was bred for beauty. I smell nothing.

22. I'm a Mannheim Steamroller fan.

23. Pure torture: make me go live with Jon & Kate Plus 8.

24. Little kids are prey annoying.

25. That cat will N.E.V.E.R. win.


Modemom said...

Thanks for the pre-bedtime laugh! Between the cup of coffee I had an hour ago and this after-midnight hilarity, I might as well stay up another couple hours or take some melatonin to get sleepy before dawn!

P.S. Speaking of FaceBook, there is a gathering of photos happening here to go along with some of your comments this week. Gotta find time to hunt them up. xxoo

Modemom said...

Or is it "hunt them down"? Guess I'd better go check on that site I sent you!

BBC said...

Buddy could have a career in comedy! (If he can control the dog barf, that is.)

Anonymous said...

So Buddy, I hope you don't mind me asking..how old are you? You're awfully cute, and smart. My owner is a small Boston Terrier named Sofi...maybe I could hook you guys up. She likes cat poop, too. And vomits a lot. I think you two would get along great.