Naptime Is a Bear

Sometimes it's a whole lot of work to do nothing.

I tried really hard to nap this afternoon.

It was hard to ignore my FREEZING feet, but the thought of getting up and running hot water over them in the tub (the only thing that works) seemed harder.

It was hard to ignore Mr. Whiny, the pitbull next door who fussed and howled and cried the entire afternoon. I was a little annoyed to learn that neither Flutterbug nor Mike heard him. Totally unfair.

I tried to play my usual falling-asleep games.

Birmingham, Alabama
Burbank, California
Boulder, Colorado
Bridgeport, Connecticut...

No luck.

I daydreamed about pleasant, relaxing things like what the house would look like clean, and how nice it would be to live in a little cottage in the country, away from whiny dogs and rap music.

And still I lay in my bed, mind whirling, toes freezing, cities that start with a "B" dancing around in the air, and doggy whines mingling with rap beats.

For two hours.

Yup, two hours. But at least I wasn't doing anything!

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Anonymous said...

I hate not being able to fall asleep! I usually start to itch, one here, scratch it, another one over here, scratch it, another one down there, ignore's a lesson in frustration!