Family Trip

Today Mike pulled a Melanie.

On mile 10 of a run, he was watching some construction on the road up ahead. The sidewalk rudely popped up in front of him and sent him flying!

He called me to come get him and I flew out the door.

Well, I did hesitate for just a second.

I haven't mentioned this to him, but it crossed my mind to GRAB MY CAMERA.

I resisted the urge (after all, what were the odds that he'd still be sprawled on the sidewalk?) and picked him up, and after he soaked in the tub for a little while, we headed to the ER, just to be sure nothing was broken.

Thankfully, other than a lot of swelling and pain in his shoulder and side, he seems to be in one piece.

How will he feel on Saturday, when he's supposed to run a Valentines Day 14k to benefit Victory Home? I guess we'll wait to see!


Anonymous said...

So he RUNS? For fun? What is this guy, crazy? Glad to hear he's least physically. (just kiddin)

BBC said...

Wow, I never pictured Mike as an athlete. That's cool! And yay for modern technology that allows us to call for help rather than drag our battered bodies 10 miles home!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Oh yeah, he's crazy. And he's not a fast runner, he's an endure-it-and-go-ridiculously-long-distances runner. It helps his arthritis (it's not the kind that is negatively affected by running!) and he's been at it a long time. Boy, when we lived in downtown Greenville, he worked in Mauldin and ran home every day, all the way down Laurens Road (BBC knows)! When he was growing up, he'd run places because walking took so long. I guess that's where it started!