Whee Wii! (Betcha didn't know I speak French)

Got my Wii on tonight. First time I've ever played. Rode a cow, knocked over some scarecrows, bowled a few spares, whacked a couple of tennis balls...

Now, to clarify, it's not my Wii, but now I WANT ONE. Who knew that we were missing out all this time on THE hot item of the Christmas season!

It's a bandwagon I wouldn't mind jumping on.

I want to be hip with the times.

Up on the latest in pop culture. (I'm working on the "W"s.)





And Wii is good for you. You know, makes you exercise. Sort of. Definitely more than my usual workout of bending down and picking up dog puke.

I chowed down tonight, too; totally justifiable, of course, with all that working out I accomplished. My friend is such a good cook - chicken pot pie, biscuits with butter and honey, salad with almonds and cranberries, and ice cream after Wii bowling - what's a girl to do but eat!

And you can imagine what this little piggy cried all the way home.


The Inept Aspirant said...

Cute! We broke down and got a Wii last year, my youngest saved half the money for it so we pitched in the other half (those things are expensive!). My favorite thing about it is making the avatar look just like you. I love mine, she's beautiful!

Modemom said...

I wondered when my laugh would come--you came through on the final sentence. Thanks!

BBC said...

The commercials don't make Wii look all that fun to me; I mean, the actors look like they are having a blast, but when I imagine myself doing the same thing, I think *snore*. All my friends seem to have one, and the Wii Fit to go with it. I guess I'm a rebel at heart. No Wii for me!!