Bears With Buns...Huh?

Any ornithologists out there? I know this picture isn't very large or clear, but I'm wondering if these are cormorants, as in "common cormorants," as in those silly birds who lay their eggs inside paper bags...

They were on the ferry pylons when we crossed the James River last week (our only way to be out on the water on nice days on our budget!). Remember the poem from grade school?

The common cormorant (or shag)
Lays eggs inside a paper bag
The reason you will see, no doubt
Is to keep the lightning out

But what these unobservant birds
Have never thought of, is that herds
Of wandering bears might come with buns
And steal the bags to hold the crumbs

My kind of poem - short and silly! So, can anyone (Dad?) confirm that these birds ARE cormorants? My inquiring mind wants to know. It's the cat in me.


tuftsmel said...

Sorry. I haven't any idea without consulting a bird book, and not sure that would help too much without visible colorings in your photo. But Cormorant sounds right, and is as good a guess as any, I'm thinking. Dad

tuftsmel said...

P.S. Forgot to comment on the erudite and facetious poem. It resulted in a broad smile and a lengthy chuckle! Dad