Handy Dandy!

What a blessing I received today - the handymen of Victory Home came over and did a whole lot of handy things!

The biggest job they tackled was our back porch. Why, oh, why don't I think of taking "before" pictures? The porch was a wreck, with all the windows askew and broken out, and every surface, including the ceiling was covered with dryer lint and crackled, curling paint.

These guys scraped the entire porch, began the repair of the windows, fixed the cellar door (in the floor of the porch) and also repaired the entry door, which had no knob and stuck horribly to the doorframe. I did manage to take a quick closeup of the paint (and this wasn't even curling up like a lot of it):

Then, like icing on the cake, they leveled off my stove (no more eggs crammed against the right side of the frying pan!), fixed the screeching (and leaking) hot water faucet in the kitchen, AND rigged the front porch door so that Buddy can't escape and chase the neighborhood streetwalkers pedestrians. I'm thrilled! So I cooked.

Three zucchini quiches; one for a church member home from the hospital, and two for us, served with applesauce and chocolate cream pie for dessert. Had to use up that extra pie crust, of course.


tuftsmel said...

Fantastic!! Send up an extra quiche, please! Looks wonderful!

Modemom said...

Hey, do those workmen travel?

(Looks like commenter #1 stayed late at the office tonight)