BREAKing News

An update on Mike's shoulder: If you remember, he had an MRI scheduled for two weeks after his fall. He was asked if he was claustrophobic. "Yes," he said, three times, including right before they stuffed him like a sausage into a casing.

He lasted a good 30 seconds before freaking out.

Poor guy - still in pain and no prognosis. He wasn't too keen on another trip into the torture machine, so we called his doctor for other options. He set Mike up with another appointment for Monday, this time with an open machine. Not sure why they didn't do that when he said he was claustrophobic, but I guess they wanted to test him!

He did fine at that appointment, and took his "pictures" to a followup appointment the next day.

He had a broken bone! ALL THIS TIME.

Since it's been about a month, the bone (somewhere between the shoulder and neck) has been healing on its own, so he doesn't need to have anything done. It's already been feeling a lot better this past week, and he started jogging again (a glutton for punishment, I say).

God answered our prayer for no surgery! What a relief. Mike's also surgery-phobic.


BBC said...

Jasmine had an MRI when she was five. She did NOT want a tube stuck in her arm or finger, so she agreed to lay still in that noisy, scary machine. I stood by her feet, squeezing our "I love you" code on one shoe, for 20 minutes. She made it, but when they let her loose, she was ready to run. She didn't want to stop and wait for prizes. She was leaving and never coming back!

Poor Mike, having a broken bone all this time! Congrats on it healing naturally and not in a bad place that would need to be broken and rer-set. Whew!

Anonymous said...

Yay! God answered my prayer for Mike! I prayed he wouln't have to have surgery and that God would heal it and he did!