Strike Up the Violin Music

Oh dear, oh dear, all this work for nothing!

I paid about seven bucks for some specialty grout in a pretty terra cotta shade, and it was horrid! Its preferred surface to adhere to was my rubber gloves. It only covered half the surface. And then,


I was supposed to wipe it off after 20-30 minutes, and got distracted (big surprise there), and shrieked after about 40 minutes, and spent the next hour trying to soften it and rub it off.

It's still sitting on my clothes dryer, looking pitiful, and getting in the way of the laundry-doing. I can't bring myself to throw it away. Yet. I think I'm done with my grouting kick. Time to move on, maybe to plastic canvas art. How badly could I botch that?? Ooooh, maybe pompom animals. Or macaroni necklaces.

Or maybe I'll just stick with my strength: daydreaming in my spare time. MUCH LESS WORK, and a lot cheaper!


BBC said...

Oh no! I can't even think of anything funny to say. I would be devastated to have worked so hard only to end up with a mess.

Modemom said...

Oh, dear! There must be some solution --well, literally, some solution to remove that lousy grout. I'll do some googling. What's the brand?

On second thought, probably not worth the time and effort. BooHoo!

Anonymous said...