Blitzes and Bellies

Whew! Sorry I've been gone so long - evidently all that blogging I did on Friday put me off blogging for a while. Just like all that popcorn in college put me off popcorn pretty much until last year.

The foosball table was a great hit with the boys.

The food was a great hit with the rest of us.

Mike was a little late, and multi-tasked his way through the buffet.

The big action of the night was found in the dining room. Here's a glimpse of Dutch Blitz in action:

Buddy stayed very busy all evening begging, eating, chasing boys, eating some more, running from room to room - poor thing was all cranky and overtired the next day. I was just overtired. I'm never cranky.

I'm on Day Two of a low-carb diet. It has something to do with all the leftovers in the house - my Chex-Mix breakfasts, cheese dip lunches and mini-Snickers suppers. It'll be good to see my toes without my belly hogging the view.


Modemom said...

All the photos of your house and party are wonderful! Almost like being there.

Cyndi said...

Wow! How did Clint manage to beat your super fast daughter?!?! lol. Wish I was there! It looked like loads of fun! :)