Happy Sunday

Don't you just love to see God at work? Me too.



By the way, that water was NOT heated. Brrrrrr.

We've had a crazy week. Finances are tight enough at Victory Home to warrant closing two of our homes. It'll be a bit of a squeeze to fit the men (29 right now) into the remaining four homes, but it'll save us thousands of dollars a month in rents and utilities. We're also going to consolidate the outlet and warehouse into one space. Sounds like no big deal, but whew, that one's going to take some work.

Fourteen kazillion knick-knacks, baubles, trinkets, whatnots, trifles and oddities take up a lot of space!

I baked some chicken the other day (still low-carb); it was boring. Blah. But it made a good casserole tonight, mixed with cream-of-chicken soup, some sour cream, and topped with seasoned stuffing cubes. It's a family favorite and oh-so-easy if you already have cooked chicken.

And now we're stuffed.


Anonymous said...

Looks yummy!


Modemom said...

The final shots of your recipes always look so very good!

I am praying for you all as you make adjustments to the changes at Victory Home. I know you are working so very hard. For a stress-relieving laugh, be sure to read today's installment of The Queen B.