O Rosie, Where Are You When I Need You?

Look at these big circles that were about to be thrown away! They'll make great art mirrors if I ever get around to doing anything with them.

And meet Haze, the pitbull next door, who has learned how to open the six-foot gate and run the neighborhood.

After disassembling the foosball table several times to get the players positioned right (the instructions read: "Double check player rod positions. Now is the time to correct, not later!" but who reads instructions, anyway?), it's ready to go.

The plan was to put it on the porch, but...

...do I really want to tackle a mess like that when there are books to be read and food to be eaten and walks to be taken and dog toys to be thrown?

And when there are plenty of messes inside the house to tackle:

There's a piano under there somewhere.

Cleaning is a miserable chore

I'd rather walk into a door

Or weightlift Buddy 'til I'm sore

Or sit in church beside a bore (which isn't easy since we have a most wonderful motley crew of interesting characters)

I'd rather sit on a petit four

Than clean and scrub and wash the floor (and that's saying a lot; it would be quite a sacrifice to waste a perfectly good sweet treat.)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for your blog its days like this when I am feeling kinda blue I read your blog and it makes me giggle...Roxanna

BBC said...

I'd rather eat the petit four...