Chattanooga Ain't So Bad

Well, our time in Chattanooga is nearly done. We enjoyed a psychology class, chapel, lunch, and a tour of TTU.

While leaving the lunchroom, a faculty member approached our little group (which included another mother and daughter) and held out his hand to me.

"You must be Mrs. Ellis," he said.

I was still marveling that he knew my name and that he knew which one I was of the group, when he really shocked me by turning to my daughter and saying, "And you must be Flutterbug." Yes, he called her "Flutterbug." I nearly dropped my teeth.

Scrambled to remember what I had written about the school in my last entry. Something about SHABBY . . . ugh . . . beef jerky in my teeth . . . oh dear . . . I wasn't exactly favorable in my description of Chattanooga . . . yikes!

Ah well, it's the price I must be willing to pay if I'm going to plaster my life and thoughts all over the internet, right?

So, reticence is the word of the day, and now for some absolutely gorgeous pictures of Ruby Falls, in BEAUTIFUL CHATTANOOGA. Ruby Falls is the United States' largest underground waterfall.

We kind of forgot about Mike's phobia when we decided to go thousands of feet under a mountain of solid limestone. But he was a real trooper, even in the crevice that was so narrow it was called WEIGHT WATCHERS WAY.

And I'm definitely going to cross Spelunker off my list of things to be when I grow up. The original "cave" that was discovered nearly a century ago was only about 2 feet high. And the men that explored it didn't return for SEVENTEEN HOURS - most of that time was spent crawling in the 2-foot crack. Not a chance.

It's with a little sadness that we bid farewell to the land of curvy roads and rolling hills.

Onward to Greenville!


Brenda (BBC) said...

So you have a fan among the profs at TTU! Cool! Except for the part where he read your blog about spitting beef jerky in the door pocket. I wouldn't even want my closest friends to know that I succumbed to that habit, never mind strangers on campus! ROFL!!!

Modemom said...

Sorry, dear, but I couldn't stop laughing when I realized your hosts at TTU must have checked out your blog once or twice. Can't wait to hear the whole story.

Earlier tonight it didn't dawn on me for about 2 hours after I commented on FB inre the cave pic of the 3 of you "down under" that Mike probably didn't want to be there. Foot in mouth.

Get your roller skates on--tomorrow is going to be a busy one! Can't wait. ooooxxxx

Paul and Vicki Young said...

Happy Birthday, Melanie! Did you get to see Wendy? I haven't mananged to come up with a birthday gift for her yet. I loved your Ruby Falls pics. Paul & I were there way back before we had kids. It hasn't changed much. We had the most hilarious guide. He asked where we were from, and then he kept saying, "Watch your head, Indiana"
to Paul for the rest of the tour.