Consummate Climate

What a gorgeous day we had - temps in the 70's, sun and gentle breezes - is this what heaven will feel like?

We're leaving tomorrow afternoon to head to Chattanooga. It will be the farthest west I've ever been. Yup. Used to be Atlanta; I'm becoming a world traveler!

It's 8pm and I still have laundry to do and a kitchen to clean. But I couldn't resist making a big mess for supper.

This is one of the only ways that I enjoy steak. It's messy on the grill, so tonight I used a cast-iron grill pan on top of the stove.

I split a flank steak so that it opened up like a book. Then I pounded it half to death. Then brushed a little olive oil on it, layered thinly sliced provolone cheese and prosciutto ham on top, and then rolled the whole thing up. I stuck skewers through it about every inch or so, and sliced between the skewers. Stuck them on the oiled hot grill pan, turning after a few minutes, and steamed some asparagus while they cooked.

It's a most delicious combination of flavors. It's well worth the effort (and cost of the ham) to have it as a treat now and then.

I don't feel as excited about the mess. We probably should have ordered a pizza so close to the trip. Of course, I would have had to eat only the top off it - still eating low-carb, at least until birthday cake appears before me.

In eight days, I will no longer be able to say that I'm in my early forties. Yikes! Get me my walker and my Geritol and my foot cream. Oh, and don't forget my denture paste - for eating those yummy steak pinwheels.


Brenda (BBC) said...

HEY! No "old" jokes - you do know that I'm older than you, right? And I'm not looking for a walker or geritol (or at least I'm not broadcasting the news - hehehe).

I don't want to work that hard on meat, but I do wonder what I'm missing!

So, are you going to see Rock City in Chattanooga? My parents took us there several times as kids. K and I took our kids when they were little. It is such a fun, touristy place!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Never heard of it! We'll be exploring tomorrow and keep our eyes peeled - no obligations until Tuesday a.m., old fogie, I mean old friend!