Country Roads, Take Me . . . to Chattanooga

Yikes - there's mountains in this here state.

We've arrived in Wytheville, VA and Flutterbug is appalled that we could drive for nearly seven hours and still be in our own state.

Most people who find out we live in Virginia say, "Oh, it's such a beautiful place." They're thinking of this part of Virginia. We live in the armpit. Flat, urban, dirty, sleazy, that's a better description of our corner of the state. However, we DO have the ocean. And I differ from Flutterbug, who prefers mountains over ocean. I have my reasons:

1. Carsickness

2. Fear of heights and narrow, steep, windy roads.

3. Carsickness

Give me sand in my swimsuit any day.

But I have to admit that the mountains are absolutely gorgeous, even on a cloudy day. And the countryside - sleek, black cows chowing down on vivid green pasture grasses, colorful silos and ancient rickety barns, villages with names like Lovers Leap and Horse Pasture and Buffalo Junction. The pulse slows (until we hit a steep spot and I cringe and grab the handle over my head) and the country begins to work its magic. We daydream of living in a log cabin on the face of a mountain and I forget all about carsickness, scary roads, and rabid wildlife.

Then, all cozy in my fluffy white Hampton Inn bed, surfing the net and watching a movie on the flat screen TV, I remember that I may not be cut out for the country after all.

Just passing through is just right for this city girl.


Brenda (BBC) said...

Country roads, take me home
To the place I belong!

Oh, that's West Virginia, mountain mama!


Melissa Smith said...

I love both mountains and ocean in moderation... Who would have thought? Me. Moderate about anything?! Mountains are wonderfully breathtaking, though.