School Two and a Shorn Pup

We had a great visit this week at Piedmont Baptist College in Winston-Salem. It's a really good fit - about 400 enrolled, spiritually mature students, nice atmosphere, great classes (we sat in on two), friendly faculty and students. Oh, and it's four hours away versus ten and a half.

We sat in on the dress rehearsal of a play and laughed our heads off! Spent the night in a guest suite in the girls' dorm (free!) and ate in the dining room a couple of times. I was disappointed to find that they were nearly out of Frosted Flakes. But I managed to jiggle the dispenser enough to get the last bit.

Since we were only about 40 minutes from Mt. Airy, a.k.a. Mayberry RFD, we took a little side trip before heading home. First thing we saw was Pilot Mountain (Mt. Pilot!).

We spied Andy Taylor's police car every now and then.

We also enjoyed a little window shopping.

There's a HUGE open granite quarry in Mt. Airy that is so big it can be seen from space. I would have liked to have filled the trunk with pieces of granite. I'd really like to build a patio or walkway in the backyard, preferably for free.

My dad used to ride his Honda 125 motorcycle through the woods of NH looking for granite rocks and foundation stones, going back with a pickup truck to pick them up. He built a beautiful patio and a walkway and steps with his finds.

I've tried to think of a place around here where I could find my own. Not a lot of options. I think the city would frown on the stealing of rocks from embankments and waterways.

So on Saturday I bought eight fake (concrete, I think) rocks at $1.14 each. That'll cover about 1 square foot - a doggy-sized patio. Buddy lost about 5 pounds of fur today at the groomer's, so it should be perfect for him. Maybe I can find a teeny chaise lounge, perhaps an itty-bitty potted plant. And he can cook baby hamburgers on a miniature grill and have Kiki over for lemonade before he chases her off his patio and across the yard.

I brought a Slim Jim for a treat for Buddy after his ordeal at the groomer, and before I knew it, he had swallowed it whole. Maybe that's the way I should have eaten it the other day so that I wouldn't be grossed out. Next time I'll know better. Hmmm...I wonder if it'll come out whole, too. Yikes.


Brenda (BBC) said...

Your last thought was my first thought! LOL

Mt. Airy looks like a fun place to pass through.

Paul and Vicki Young said...

I had that Indian! The one with the mohawk on the tractor.