A New Month's Resolution

I am LAZY lately.

I sit on my sofa, with my computer on my lap, the cat at my head, the dog across my legs, a silly show on the TV, and I play Solitaire and watch the silly show, and eat too much and then go to bed.

That's, of course, after working at full speed all day. I'm not that lazy.

But really. It's ridiculous that I allow myself to be so unproductive. And worst of all:

I don't blog.

I liked blogging. I liked imagining my five readers cackling over my silly remarks. I liked looking at daily life through bloggy eyes.

What happened? I must step it up. I must get back in the saddle. I must get back on the blogwagon.

I must stop watching Sanford & Son reruns.

Uh...starting tomorrow night.


Brenda (BBC) said...

"I liked imagining my five readers cackling over my silly remarks."

LOL - That's probably the best part of blogging!

Anonymous said...

I know what you mean...that's why I quit...and then came back. I can't make up my mind!

Riven_Silver said...

I look every day to see if you've written something new. I love your style and love reading what you write. You put a lift in my day and a smile on my face and I thank you. :-)

Kelly Welch said...

There is no way you can get me hooked on this blogging thing and face book thing and then take your blogging glasses off!!!!! You get up off that couch, go find a tether ball, and whack it till you remember why. (Why you blog not hit the tether ball, but you knew that right?)