Mike's Still Kicking

You'd never know I'd been trying to kill him.

Not on purpose, but it's so hard to keep up with that long list of drug interactions.

The first night, I picked up some fried rice from the China Garden.

No soy sauce.

Next day offered him a Lean Pocket filled with ham, broccoli and cheddar cheese.

No aged cheese.

The next night was partly Flutterbug's fault. I got her a king-sized Reese's Cup package as consolation for a difficult day, and she passed it on to me to share, and I only wanted one, and offered the other to Mike.

No chocolate.

And the list goes on. You know all those warnings about all those many things that may interact with MAO inhibitors? Turns out that this antibiotic IS an MAO inhibitor (I always wondered what they were...)!

Mike has tried to go to work every day for a few hours and has had to come home (or be driven home) early every time, with either side effect problems or sudden migraine. He smartened up and stayed home today with no problems, and will continue to do so until he's off the medication, with the exception of an attempt to preach tomorrow. I smartened up, too, and booby-trapped the front door to ensure obedience. He'll never know what hit 'im.


Modemom said...

It's hard being this far away when all this is going on. I guess prayer support is all I can offer right now. Told Beth the other day to let you know that the prayers for you all are ongoing. And lots of faux hugs and kisses. OOOOXXXX !!!!!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Is this why you couldn't wait for him to get home from the hospital? Because you wanted to mess with his health yourself? LOL

Of course, it's not really funny, but you do know how to make everything sound like fun! I hope you guys have got all the no-nos figured out now.

tuftsmel said...

Melanie: What marvelous diplays you make in the thrift store! I don't wonder that it tears you up when the "thrift store THrong" distroys it so quickly! Maybe you will have to adopt sold tags and a 3-day wait to pick up items from the window displays.
Of course, I, too, liked the amoire, but not the little lighted house. Just not my taste, I guess.
The "big ol' bucket" looks like what women used to heat hot water for laundry (or sometimes canning) on the old wood/coal kitchen cook-stoves. Is it copper or tin?

I've tried to think what MOA stands for, as in MOA inhibitors. I guess I should get modern and google it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Usually the last thing I think of, as you can tell.)

Sorry to hear that Mike is having lingering side effects. He's still on the prayer list!

tuftsmel said...

Aaarrgghh!! Google didn't help me!Led me off to extinct flightless birds in New Zealand, the Mall of America in Minnesota, and the Ministry of Agriculture. !!!!!
I'll just have to wait for your response.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Mom, thanks for your ongoing prayers - I count on them!

Brenda, I don't know why I deal with things this way, but making light of them seems to be therapeutic - keeps me sane!

Daddy, take a closer look; you got a little dyslexic! There's a Wikipedia article about MAO Inhibitors but it looks like it only mentions anti-depressants which are also MAOIs. Drugs that fall into that category evidently inhibit production of protein (in Mike's case, it halts the bacteria's production of it. Something like that, anyway!