Ode to Joy, Verse Three (Finally)

Eighteen years of hanging out together
Through all kinds of fun and all kinds of weather
If you see one, then you probably see three
'Cause we're always together - Mike, Beth and me . . .

Seasons come and seasons go
Summer days shorten and autumn winds blow
Three minus one is a heart-wrenching sum
For one dear Dad and his Girl and her Mum...

Now it's time to face an empty nest
And wish our little girl all the very best
As God directs her down His perfect path
She'll thrive and grow and stumble over math

And we, her folks, will cry and grow and see
That God's so good to this family of three!


Brenda (BBC) said...

Aw, touching poem, I'm glad you finished it! How far away from home will Flutterbug be going?

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

It's about 4 hours from us (Winston-Salem, about 3 hrs. from Greenville). They have no Friday classes so some weekends she'll be able to come home - big difference from our experience, eh?

Brenda (BBC) said...

Wow, 3-day weekends! That would be cool!

Kelly said...

First of all, great poem; didn't know you wrote such emotional lyrics!
Secondly, it is so hard to let these human beings God entrusted us with go out into the world. This empty nest thing isn't as much fun as its cracked up to be. Paul, however, feels its his duty to walk around the house with very little on singing and skipping!
Lastly, you can have so much fun when they come home for a visit.