Pomp and Circumstance and Cake

Little Flutterbug is slowly but surely fluttering out of the nest. Mama Bug is a little dazed....

We've been celebrating her high school graduation all week. Biting off more than we could chew (a habit we have perfected), we planned, designed, printed, assembled and mailed about 40 graduation announcements.

Then we hit the road for South Carolina and had a little party at Mom's house. Mom made the neatest pennant banner, featuring several beloved and meaningful hymns. When we shopped for bedding today, Flutterbug made sure that our choice would complement the banner, which'll be hanging near her bed. It only took TEN stores to find something.

This next pic can be enlarged to show the special touches - just double-click on it.

We ate an awesome rich chocolate cake, which incapacitated us for the rest of the night.

Flutterbug's Auntie Jen made a really pretty charm bracelet for her. Check out some of her other beautiful jewelry.

Mike had his arthritis treatment and we returned home on Thursday afternoon. It was a little disappointing to find that the housesitter neglected my plants. Grrr!

There were a lot of other frustrating issues facing us upon our return, so I hit the grocery store and headed to the kitchen for a little cooking therapy.

Pasta Primavera did the trick. Angel hair, a little cream and butter, asparagus, peas, grape tomatoes, sauteed scallops and freshly grated parmy - now there's a panacea (word of the week) for all frustrations.

Saturday we celebrated again, this time at home with an informal drop-in.

This time, an orange bundt cake.

She's a cutie...

...always has been!

Randy, a former Victory Home client (from several years ago) and now a staff member, started us off on a rousing rendition of Pomp and Circumstance. It went kind of like this: DAA DADADA DAA DAA...top of the lungs, dramatic pauses and a climactic finale - the perfect way to end the night!

We are SO PROUD of our girl.


Modemom said...

Ah... The pictures I've been waiting for all weekend. Thanks! Hope you've had a chance to rest up a little. oxoxoxox

Brenda (BBC) said...

Aw, congrats to Bethany! Cute banner, mouth-watering cakes, surrounded by family and then by friends, great way to celebrate for a week! ;-)

Tina said...

Hello! Wow!Congrats to your dear daughter and to the parents!
We have a graduate at our house to...he wanted to skip all the parties. Both my boys did that. But I know my gals will want it all!
What a beautiful banner! Such a wonderful idea. Tucking that away for my musical gal. ( I know just where to order one!)
Love the bracelet! Lots of talent in your family.
The wedding is this saturday. ( can this really finally be happening?) So you should see more of the gals and I at the store soon. We need our thrift store fix! Its been too long.