Hooray for the Red, White and Blue!

In our usual fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants way, we decided at the last minute to celebrate the 4th (rather than working all day). Normally we have a party, but we've been too busy and worn out to consider it this year. Too bad I bought about 150 glow-in-the-dark bracelets last month.

Yorktown sounded like a nice destination, away from the crowds of Norfolk's Harborfest or Williamsburg's popular goings-on.

Turns out Yorktown is a bit historic, too, particularly in the freedom-from-Britain vein.

We found ourselves sucked into a current of cars all snaking along a path of cones and yellow-jacketed wavers, directing us to a huge pasture - a revolutionary battlefield, actually - and we bumped our way back and forth for several minutes before finally being directed into a parking space.

Everyone around us was loaded down with coolers, beach bags, blankets, baskets...we had Buddy and some chewing gum. But we followed the crowd through the grass, enjoying the anticipation of what may lie ahead.

I'm speaking for Mike and me. Flutterbug hates not knowing what's ahead. So she was a little nervous.

We traipsed along through the battlefield where General Cornwallis surrendered to George Washington, until we came upon the park and riverfront and lots of people picnicking and walking and eating and paddling in the water.

At precisely 4pm, the National Anthem was played over the intercom system, and everyone stood at attention.

Moments later four fighter jets suddenly thundered overhead from a silent sky (how do they do that?) and Buddy nearly lost both his lunch and his bladder contents (and, uh, me too) while clawing his way up my leg. We had to carry the poor thing for a while after that; his jelly legs just wouldn't hold his 15 lb. weight.

Since we had no picnic basket, or blanket, or swimsuits, or frisbee, we enjoyed a leisurely walk and then drove home through a vernal wood that lulled me into a state of pleasant relaxation.

That evening we walked downtown to the river to watch our own city's fireworks.

They were spectacular.

I thought the after-effect of the smoke was kind of neat.

Next year, we'll plan way ahead, and pack a picnic and a blanket and a frisbee and swimsuits and a doggy diaper and head out early to that fascinating village of Yorktown. We'll be the ones with fifty glowing bracelets on our arms and legs.


modemom said...

I so enjoy the cyber adventures I get to go on via your blog. Almost like being there--relaxing and laughing (at Buddy). Kind of a funny/weird/unique/unusual/?? photo of all those men on the beach with their hats on their hearts during the anthem. But comforting, too, knowing the respect is still alive and well!

Here's hoping for another family member to join us this month thus adding to the family's July birthday calendar!! Can't wait!

Brenda (BBC) said...

I missed reading this last week since I was in Illinois spending time with my mom! Sounds like you had a real adventure. LOL at Buddy clawing his way up your leg! "Save me, Mama!"

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

It WAS neat to see everyone standing so respectfully during the National Anthem; not surprising for this area, though, with all the military - I wouldn't be surprised if most of the guys in that picture are in the navy. Most adults stopped and stood, and it was very quiet. One of those little things that warm the heart.

Brenda, good to have you back! Recovered from your Sligh-a-thon? Looked fun!