Contest Time!

Has it been a whole year??? It's already time for the 2nd annual Creative Clutter Collector's Contest!

So look around your house, trailer, garage, yard, car, pockets, under the sofa cushions, and snap some pictures of the things you have more than two of ('scuse my dangling participle!). Then email the pics to me and who knows? You just might win a wacky award! Check out last year's contest: 2008 Creative Clutter Collector's Contest.

Now, listen up, People - my mother exhausted most of her (49) collections with last year's contest, so we need PARTICIPATION! Have fun with it - pretty much anything goes - and although you may be uncomfortable leaving me comments, a quick email is nice and easy. My address is:

So start snapping and sending - deadline is Friday, July 24. If you don't have a collection, head to your local thrift store and start one!


Brenda (BBC) said...

I have a really nice dryer lint collection going. My lovely children save it by removing it from the trap and dropping it behind, beside, and in front of the washer and dryer. Lots of pretty colors. I should line them up and take a picture.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Perfect! I'll add my dog hair clumps from the corners of all the rooms!