Fluttering Away

Just can't seem to keep up with my blog lately. I suppose it's due in part to the distraction of getting a child ready to leave the nest - no easy feat! It's on my mind most of the time, even when I'm trying to relax, like the other day at the YMCA. I had the pool to myself - warm sun on my face, puffy clouds overhead in the shape of crocodiles and dancing Snoopies, the steady drone of traffic shooting out of the nearby tunnel (a peculiar feature of a city Y). But was I relaxed?


My mind was whirling with thoughts of bath towels and pajamas, notebooks and nail clippers. And hovering just behind those thoughts, a shadow lurked - my little girl is leaving me.

How will I adjust to the empty bedroom (or the lack of dirty laundry all over the floor)? How will she be able to fall asleep at night without climbing on our bed to pray? And will Buddy be sitting at the front door every evening, pining for her return?

I know I will be.

Just when the thoughts began to overwhelm me, I saw something new in the clouds over my head.

I saw God's handiwork.

I saw His loving care in little details, like Snoopy-shaped clouds and gifts of highlighters and notebooks.

I saw His concern for those in His care, whether the egret flying over my head or a young lady flying out of her nest.

I saw His power, providing heat and light for lowly humans in swimming pools, and providing grace and strength for a little family in transition.

That grace is all that we'll need! And knowing that it's coming, I can rela-a-a-a-a-a-x.

Flutterbug and I tried making a little money for textbooks at the flea market this weekend.

We've already spent a lot of it on food.

Mike called on his way home from work the other night, telling us to grab our swimsuits and beach chairs. We headed to the beach and spent the evening gazing at the waves and lowering our blood pressure.

We stopped at Doumar's on the way home - I enjoyed a barbeque sandwich with cole slaw on top and a limeade. Doumar's is a well-known drive-in that's over 100 years old. Waitresses in white caps come to the car and attach a tray to the door - the only thing missing was rollerskates!

Flutterbug's pile of school supplies continues to grow - we may have to rent a U-Haul by the time we're done.

(This picture does NOT include her clothes or SHOES.)

We took naps on Sunday afternoon AND Monday afternoon (our day off). I'm so relaxed now, I'm feeling downright mellow. Well, I did have that little meltdown around lunchtime today, but all that's left is a little twitch.

That grace won't come any too soon!


Modemom said...

Big lump in my throat! Hope the joy you will experience each time she comes home will overpower the hard times. Love you all.

Kelly Welch said...

After Flutterbug leaves and settles into the college routine you will think to yourself,"What was I worried about?" Then you will fill the void with planning and getting excited and ready for her first trip home!!!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Hugs to you, Melanie. You're trading one adventure for another.