Lazy Daze

We're enjoying our time away, as the clock ticks closer to drop-off-day. Right now Mike and Flutterbug are playing golf in 100 degree heat, and I'm relaxing at my mother's house in front of the fan. (Every now and then, I'm the smart one.)

Poor Brother has succombed to a horrible virus and has only recently been able to peel himself off the floor and into a bed (after a visit to the doctor). We're all spraying Lysol in our eyes and up our noses and on our tongues. Brother's Itty Bitty Baby has been safely whisked away and the rest of the family, on his orders, is also abandoning camp for a day or two.

We enjoyed slightly less stifling temperatures in the mountains yesterday. And I mean slightly. As we peered over the iron bars that lined the edge of a scenic lookout atop Caesar's Head, I actually overheard an old woman say, "You'd almost think they put these fences here for safety...." as she tottered dangerously close to one on the edge of the path. She was not being sarcastic! I guess she'd thought they were for looks.

Time for me to lie down on the sofa and read and watch FoodNetwork and drift off . . . before I know it, I'll be back in the fray, with time racing by and 95 things to fit into days that only hold 35. Even empty nests have too much going on. I need to climb up farther in the tree and rig a hammock.

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Nettie said...

ok, I complained about the lack of blog "postage", and then it took me an entire week to realize that there had been updates!! So glad you're back! I hope you're enjoying time with your daughter before she's off to school!!