Snow Gray

Our housesitter's weekend updates:

Friday: We're bright-eyed and bushy-tailed this morning having turned the light out last night at 11:30p. I grabbed the pillows off Flutterbug's bed and piled them all on yours. That worked out rather well. I read halfway through the book "The Christmas Tree" that I found in the basket on the radiator downstairs by the front door, with Kiki on my left near the door and Buddy on my right at my feet. Just before I turned the light out for the night Buddy chased Kiki off the bed. He wasn't having any of that sharing business.

At 2:00a Buddy must have gone outside to do his business. When he came back in he was damp underneath from the dew and proceeded to play with my hand. He subdued and conquered. Then we both went back to sleep until something like a quarter til 8:00a. After I made a trip to the bathroom, Buddy and I played on the bed for a bit. He was the winner again, of course.

[I explained in a return message that we have a habit of piling on the bed every evening, and Buddy and Mike wrestle for a while before we pray. When Mike says "Amen" Buddy clambers over me and off the bed to head to his own bed. (And then we laugh - every time!)]

Last night I forgot to mention that Buddy was lying on the carpet in front of my little table when all of a sudden he was on the sofa with his feet up on the back and growling. Then he tore down the hallway and through the dining room into the kitchen. I didn't think too much of it at the time; just chuckled a bit. After a while when he didn't come back I went looking for him. He was lying down in the kitchen facing the back door and I could hear children somewhere outside. He was making sure no one got in on his watch.

I don't see much of Kiki. She came down last night for a bit of a scratch and then disappeared. I saw her in her bed in the hall upstairs when I went to look at the books in the upstairs room at the front of the house. So many books and so little time. Then I was petting her before I crawled into bed to read. Haven't seen her yet this morning.

I hope all is going well with you and yours. Enjoy the time away and may God bless you all abundantly.

Saturday: I was even more comfortable last night and slept the night through. If Buddy tried to wake me, I didn't notice. We played last night and again this morning. He's terrific. I was wondering why Buddy left the room after I said, "Amen" last night. I called him back to the bed and he was thrilled. We've been keeping each other company at night.

The only thing of mischief here is the kitchen faucet. I keep forgetting the hot water side makes the whole thing shimmy. ;-) Otherwise it's just Buddy standing guard laying down on the kitchen floor when he hears the children next door. He's bound and determined they're not getting in.

Nancy picked me up yesterday around 12:30p to answer the phone at the church. Working there is always a blessing to me. She'll be picking me up again today I believe she said around 11:00-11:30a.

Buddy must have missed me yesterday because he was all over me when I came home like a wet dress.

I tried making one of the little bags of popcorn you have here, but burned it. I'm going to stick to using the microwave for heating water for tea and reheating from the fridge. Burnt popcorn isn't what I prefer to use as an air freshener.

I'm glad you enjoy receiving my letters. You're a great family and I hope one day to have a family relationship like it. God shines through your family for all to see. You're an inspiration and I'm very glad you're a part of my life. Take care of each other. I'll write again soon.

We got a good look at the newest addition to the family yesterday - my little brother's new son. Head FULL of dark hair, cute little toesies. I have no idea what color his eyes are since I haven't seen him awake yet.

I brought my six (I'm sorry, six-and-a-HALF) year old neice back to my mother's house with me after visiting with the baby, so mommy could take baby to an appointment. I was peppered with questions all the way home, including "Who's your favorite Disney princess?"

That was a hard one. When I was a kid, I didn't have much interest in princesses, and while other girls were sporting tiaras and wands, my friend and I preferred to dress up as old ladies.

I have no idea why.

We called each other Gladys and Myrtle and other age-appropriate names, and instead of loving Cinderella or Aurora or Jasmine, we were big fans of the spinster sisters on the Waltons (the Baldwins, I think?).

And now here I am careening toward old-ladyhood myself. So...yesterday I went to the salon and had my gray hair covered, hoping to walk out of there looking more like a princess.

And LESS like an Agnes.


Brenda (BBC) said...

LOL - you were a funny girl! I always wanted to be a princess!

Buddy sure is doing a good job keeping those kids out of your house! hehehe

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Once I saw him on the outside of the cat door looking in, and there was a strange cat sitting in the kitchen! He didn't know what on earth to do, poor thing, just sat there, framed by the cat door (there is no actual door, just the frame), hemming and hawing.

healthy@last said...

Agnes was my favorite dress up name!! You know come to think of it.... we didn't really have any princesses to be our heroine. I remember wanting to be like the doll I had. Her hair could be pulled or rolled back in. Of course the hairdresser in me cut the hair off and was not happy with the mohawk she sported. I tried to dress like her and wanted my hair to get long when I pulled it.....those memories...sigh
By the way the two characters in your photo look hauntingly familiar. :D