You've Got Mail

Our housesitter responded to my email with a delightful one of her own:

Hello Melanie,

I have managed to get online. However, there is a learning curve when it comes to using a laptop. It must not have been charged fully because it turns off when I try to use it without it being plugged in.

We're having a storm right now and Buddy is sitting between my feet. The lights have flickered a few times, but the power has stayed on. Kiki is on the arm of the sofa to my right. I'm sitting in Pastor Mike's chair with the little wicker table in front of me.
[This is Melanie: for a while there, I thought she might be in the wrong house with the wrong cat and dog - couldn't for-the-life-of-me think of a wicker table in mine]

I'm glad you made it to your parents safely and are settling in. I hope the trip was enjoyable.

I'm glad to hold down the fort. It's a vacation for me and I'm thoroughly enjoying it though I was eaten up by mosquitoes while picking tomatoes and cucumbers and I burned my finger on the steam heating up the pizza. The animals have gathered around me and it's a cozy feeling.

Buddy was watching out the front window about the time you would be coming home and was whining for a while, but then it got dark and the storm hit and he has been sticking with me since.

I did find Buddy's leash in the top drawer of the teeny dresser near the front door. Buddy saw it at the same time. I took him out in the back yard with me when I went out to pick tomatoes. The storm has now passed over so he's out from between my feet laying down on the carpet about two feet from me. Kiki hasn't moved.
[Par for the course: Kiki's metabolism is about 1/1000th that of Buddy's...uh, more like mine.]

I'm going to take a shower and call it a night early. It's the first night I've been able to do that in quite some time now. That should put me up early and Buddy and I can trot around a block or two or three. I enjoy walking and need to.

I found the food under the microwave and will be sure to mix it for Buddy. We'll do just fine with what we have until Nancy can run to the store.
[I should tell her she could just hang an "open" sign on the litter box]

Since I sleep in a recliner at home I was planning to sleep in the blue chair in the front room. I have acid reflux that almost robbed me of my life when I lived at Weathered Heights. I suppose it must be something like ten years ago now. If the animals want to sleep with me in the chair, they're welcome. I certainly don't mind. [I have got to post a picture of this chair. I'd LOVE to see a human plus two animals fitting on it]

The flea medicine has dried up on Buddy's neck. I've only seen him scratch once since I've been here. Oops! Make that twice. Right now he's looking toward the front door. Probably hoping you are all going to walk in the door any minute now. Buddy and I will curly up together and be alright. The smell isn't anything to worry about. He just smells like a dog and that's okay with me. [Evidently, she has a deviated septum...and probably a bad cold]

Don't worry about sending a less wacky e-mail. I love your letters just the way they are. They make me smile and chuckle. You're great to be around and hear from.

I saw what appears to be laundry beside the dryer and thought I would tackle that tomorrow if that's alright with you. There is something rather large in the dining room--a comforter maybe--that you might have planned on washing, too. You can let me know when you write next.
[I could get real used to this]

Mmhmm, I can see me trying to bathe a cat now. It would probably look like those old cartoons when someone is trying to bathe a cat in one of those large wooden tubs and they can't even manage to get the cat in it never mind wash it. I can just see her running all around the house now. What a clean up job that would be.

I think I may be getting the hang of this laptop. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. ;-)

I hope all of you sleep well tonight. Take care.

Today Flutterbug whipped us at miniature golf, and we watched our favorite Due South episode with my sister, Jen. We hope to see Flutterbug's precious 1-week old cousin tomorrow. The relaxing has begun!


healthy@last said...

How hilariously funny. I really liked your commentary on the subjects. Buddy and Peanut would make good friends. They are so much alike right down to the flea med.

Brenda (BBC) said...

Sounds like all is well in Melanie's world! And congrats on finding a housesitter that will do your laundry!!!