Oops, Sorry About Your Fender

Once again I've steered my bicycle right into a parked car.

The two women slurping milk shakes as they walked down the sidewalk had a good laugh. Glad I could provide their entertainment. I would have done it again for a milkshake of my own....

I don't mind riding my bike into cars as a general rule; it's being seen doing it that I could live without.

Last time I did this, I was gingerly maneuvering my bike off the high curb and in between two parallel-parked cars. Once the front wheel was off the curb, my feet could no longer touch the ground because the back wheel was so high, and in slow motion I began to teeter toward the car on my right. What could I do but fall onto the trunk?

Fortunately, the woman inside the car was very forgiving.

Later (tonight), I passed the bike to Mike, who had been jogging, and tried my hand at jogging for a while.

I completely forgot that hard exercise and I don't mix, racing to the end of the street as if I weren't fat and old, and then had to stumble home with Mike puttering on the bike beside me and making sure I didn't lie down and take a nap on the sidewalk.

Back when we were practically kids, Mike and I used to ride around town on one bike, me sitting on the seat with my legs splayed out to the sides and Mike standing up pedaling. Ah, youth.

Life rolls on. Don't let some old car obstacle get in your way!


Modemom said...

It's genetic. I remember as a teenager steering (not on purpose) right into a telephone pole. I could only turn in one direction successfully and that wasn't it!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

LOL! So...did you just ride around the block all the time, since you could only turn one direction?

Brenda (BBC) said...

What a comedian! Your reaction to jogging would be the same as mine if I attempted it. I don't bike - it's been 30 years since I used to ride, and I'm afraid I might hurt myself!

Mike needs to follow you around with a camcorder; can you stage falling onto a car again? HEHEHE

Modemom said...

LOL! Actually, I was riding in a straight line on a sidewalk when a pedestrian came along and I moved just a tiny bit to the right and totally lost control. Good thing I don't have that trouble while driving! (Yet)