Three Little Kittens...Wait, Make That Eight

I LIKE mittens. I have several pairs of them. Some have flaps so that I can use my fingers; some are fur-lined, and ALL keep my hands much warmer than silly old gloves.

I LOVE these mittens. My mother is just so creative. She's been coming up with all kinds of adorable mitten ornaments, which she's selling on There are a lot of closeup pictures on that site so you can see the wonderful details.

She uses vintage ribbon and old buttons and findings; and even though she started out trying to plan a mitten's layout and design, she found that each took on a life of its own and came together very differently from what she first had in mind.

Don't you just want to go frolic in some snow?


Kelly said...

I love your mom's mitten ornaments! Every year I would make felt mittens with the children in my class. This year I am making mitten cards. I don't really have a chance to enjoy mittens here in Florida but I get nostalgic when I see them.

flutterbug said...

Kittens? or Mittens? I'm confusd.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...


flutterbug said...


Brenda C. said...

Those mittens are precious!

Happy Thanksgiving!