I was planning to write about that pesky little storm that whipped through our area last week, but it'll have to wait a bit while I deal with something MUCH more important (snack-related issues are right up there with fire safety and national security on my list of important things).

Raise your hands if you know what a Wawa is (from my last post). Well then, for the rest of you...

Here's how I found out what it was. We were with friends a few years ago, on our way to a production of "The Miracle Worker" for Flutterbug's birthday. We passed a billboard that looked kind of like this:

"What on earth is a WAWA?" I asked.

Our friends told us it was a glorified gas station with a deli and good food (not the first time I've been told that a gas station has good food - ewww).

I didn't give it another thought until the little girl playing Helen Keller arrived at the well for the famous scene of her first spoken word.

And then she said it.

I have no IDEA why that word coming out of that poor little actress's mouth struck my funny bone so hard, but when you're in the fourth row in a tiny little auditorium, during the pivotal scene of a well-loved play, it's not the best time to let out a snort and start shaking with stifled laughter.

I don't think we actually patronized a Wawa store until quite some time later, and I was pleasantly surprised to find that the food was good. They have made-to-order subs and hot food and all kinds of yummy snacks.

They have nifty touch screens for placing orders, so you can take your time and choose your options, as specifically as "Add mayo" or "Add a little bit of mayo."

In case you're wondering (Dad) why the strange name, check out their website - I need to go find a snack.

And maybe a drink of water.


Brenda C. said...

Wawa - my first thought was a toddler trying to say "water." I wouldn't think of stopping there to buy gas or anything else, I might just be paying for wawa! hehehe I guess with a name like "Wawa," the food BETTER be good!

healthy@last said...

You told me this once before but I filed it as "wawa wacky places to visit" and never thought about it again.
I wish I was in the fifth row when you decided to find the humor in wawa!

tuftsmel said...

Re: your last post. Did you REALLY think I could figure out Wawa on my own???

Thanks for the titilating information!


Sunny said...

I want a Wawa!