Sneak Peek #3

Big week ahead - gifts to wrap and ship tomorrow, cards to glitter and glue and sign and address and mail, party at our house Saturday night, kids' Christmas program on Sunday night.

Flutterbug's been busy covering angels' wings with foil and I've been busy thinking about cleaning the house for the party.

We decorated the church on Saturday:

Between the church, the front porch and the inside of the house, we've used three big bins of greenery - frasier fir and douglas fir free from Lowe's and several cedar bows from the churchyard. I love FREE stuff!

Now off to bed I must toddle
And fill up my hot water bottle
And put my comfy jammies on
And sing a silly sandman song

Nighty night!


Brenda (BBC) said...

LOL - you are so CUTE when you're over-tired. hehehe

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Ha! It could go either way (just ask my hubby).

Lainie said...

Love checking in on your activities and seeing your lovely Christmas decorations. Guess you inherited your mom's ability with decor!