Victory Home Graduation, Part II

Sometimes when I have a lot to write, I feel overwhelmed and write nothing at all.

So tonight I offer a compromise: a photo gallery of our graduation, with a few words thrown in for good measure:

Everyone pitched in to quickly set up the room:

Flutterbug made two batches of cheesecake bars and then decided to dip strawberries in chocolate, most definitely the two most popular desserts of the evening:

Brad finished the program over four months ago and returned to be with us. It was great to see him and his dad, sister and several other family members.
Ben plans to continue with Victory Home for another phase of six months.

Greg is now managing the warehouse and thrift store. His children and his brother and sister attended the graduation.
John slipped out of the kitchen to give his testimony and receive his certificate; he's our resident cook and helped with the evening's dinner.

Our volunteer cook, who whipped up a great meal of beef tips over rice, green beans, and her homemade cranberry-orange relish:
Robert was just complimented today by an elderly yard sale customer for his kindness and gentle manner in dealing with her. He plans to stay on with Victory Home for a while longer.

James had lots of family members in attendance cheering him on.

We gave out about a dozen door prizes which were a great hit.

"The Specialist" from "The Specialist Radio Show" emceed the event which added an interesting element and kept things moving.

That's a state senator and the mayor of Chesapeake standing in the background:

Two probation officers came to see one of their charges graduate, and found that another of their past charges was in our program, and said they looked forward to coming back to see him graduate too!
Olive Garden donated salad and breadsticks. There were several bottles of dressing left over and I was able to snag one. I shall enjoy it thoroughly on my next twenty salads!

Please keep Victory Home in your prayers. There are so many more men who are in need of healing, help and hope!


Modemom said...

Oh, Melanie, what a wonderful blessing to see all the photos of the smiling faces of the graduates and to know so many of them had the support of family members. And wonderful to know of the "dignitaries" there to see the results of your and Mike's ministry to these men. And wonderful to see those who volunteered and worked so hard to make this such a special event--and that includes you and Mike and Beth. Thanks for taking time to post this! xxxxxooooo

Brenda C. said...

Btw, Jasmine is going to the Greenville Rescue Mission tomorrow night with the youth group - they're having a Christmas party there, complete with dessert competition, caroling karaoke, and also taking gifts of hygiene products. She asked me if I knew where the place was, and I told her that I had visited there before. Boy, was that a long time ago!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Thank you, Mum. BRENDA, that's great that Jasmine's going to be involved in that outreach - it sounds really neat! Flutterbug was born while we lived there in the women's wing (of the old building, which you remember). Boy, that was a while back!

Brenda (BBC) said...

Melanie, I didn't recognize the place tonight when I went inside. In fact, I got lost trying to find my way out and almost wandered into the men's dorm - but the rows of bunk beds, some with men on them, let me know I'd taken a wrong turn.

Jasmine was a winner in the dessert competition! They didn't have time to do karaoke. I think the preaching went long. She said there was one man there who really loved the Lord, because he kept yelling "Amen!"

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

That was, I assume, the "new" building (which is getting old, now)...or, wait, maybe it IS the same building, built on...I can't remember!

What did Jasmine bring (I love to hear about the desserts you guys make!)?

Sunny said...

What an awesome thing you are doing! Wish I lived closer so I could help.

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Me too! (We'd have a blast)