Snow Time Like Party Time

YAY! What a beautiful gift on the evening of our Christmas party!

I was all mature about it, of course. Flutterbug was beside herself.

Collin immediately set about building a snowman.

Cinnamon Red Hot eyeballs:

We grownups didn't play with our food - we filled our bellies with it.

Buddy was surprisingly lethargic, considering the number of begging opportunities that surrounded him.

Our houseguest got a splinter (again, poor thing) from our old, decrepit floors.

Nancy and Paul were sneaking truffles in the kitchen. The rest of us had no inhibitions about stuffing our mouths with them in front of everyone.

THE 21st century party accessory:

John looks all pastoral there on the right, but don't be fooled - he was pulling comic strips out of that Bible. He has a whole collection stored in there.
All in all a sweet evening with sweet friends, in sweet fellowship, thanks to a loving Savior who sweetly blessed us with snow and so much more.


Modemom said...

Well, my dear. usually it's the men who improve (in looks) as they "age." But you look sophisticatedly FANTASTIC! So does your house and home (as usual.) And is that stollen I see on the table? Yummm... xxxxoooo

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Stollen AND meringue cookies! Thanks for the sweet comments; boy, the place was TRASHED just a day before and I was sticking twigs of evergreen all over the place right up to the time people started arriving! I love having the house in great shape for this week - a big stress-reducer and nice atmosphere in which to relax and focus. Yay!

Riven_Silver said...

It was indeed a wonderful night of fellowship with great friends and really good food. We sang Christmas carols to the glory of God with Melanie at the piano. That took me back to my childhood so long ago. Thank you for that.

Sunny said...

Looks like fun...especially the splinter! lol

Brenda C. said...

I hope Santa brought house slippers for your house guest. hehehe

Congrats on a fine party with good friends and the arrival of snow! All we get is Christmas rain...

Lainie said...

Glad you had snow! We did too. Enjoyed your party vicariously. My you make good food! I am enjoying a very exciting visit from my granddaughter Mary who lives in TX and her fiance, Noah. They will be married in July. Who has a wedding in TX in July? Enjoy the season!