Mmmm...New Leaves

Well. Time slipped away from me and I never did come up with a list of new year's resolutions. Ah,'s not like I don't know what I should and should not be doing to improve my life.

Instead, I have adopted a motto, a maxim, a mantra, if you will, to help me keep myself in line: Feed the Spirit, not the flesh!

( this one: Shoes Do Not Make the Woman. That's gonna be a toughy.)

My flesh is like a pitbull sometimes, so I'm in for a real battle. Gotta strap on the belt of truth and all that other armor and put up my dukes. Gotta start the day prepped with the Word of God and end it with lots of thankful prayer. Gotta grow a spine.

How refreshing it will be to be able to exercise a little SELF-CONTROL (as well as a little muscle or two at the Y).

How exciting it will be to be able to bend in my jeans (which are currently unbuckled so I can breathe).

How awesome it will be to get my out-of-control-crazy-busy-life organized (now my expectations are soaring out of control).

A girl can dream, can't she?


Brenda (BBC) said...

How did I miss this? I've been checking every day for a new blog from you, I thought.

Congrats on coming up with a decent and doable motto. I may have to join you in that one. Right after I finish off all the candies and other goodies still hanging around from Christmas ...

Lainie said...

A worthwhile motto indeed. I am reading Proverbs right now. My goal for the new year is discernment. God let me know very quickly that I need to discern less about what's going on in others and more about what's going on inside myself.

Sunny said...

I'm a little late starting my NYRs but as of today...gotta lose some weight...or go buy a new wardrobe because one pair of pants just isn't enough. Also, learning to bridle my tongue!