Good Stuff Cheap.

A couple of weeks ago I hopped and skipped to the Middle Street flea market, which is held in a parking garage downtown once a month. The last time I was there was a year or two ago, in the month of March, as a vendor (for Victory Home). I FROZE HALF TO DEATH.

This visit was much more pleasant and I spent nearly every bit of cash that I had (a whopping $13).

One booth had all kinds of handmade items and I bought this pretty thank-you card for $2.

A woman had clothed two mannequins in t-shirts and completely covered the shirts in pins. This one popped right out at me! ($5)

I saw a booth (literally: a parking space) full of old books. In writing that earlier post about the book Heidi, I discovered that my copy was (gasp) abridged. So I've been on the lookout for another one. I started flipping through the first bin of books and voila! there was an unabridged version of Heidi! And for...$1. Yep, I was on a roll.

Then I found this lovely ring that was big enough to fit my big old hotdog finger. ($5)

Just when I thought I had reached the epitome of bargain-finding, I sauntered across the street to a farmers' market and ran smack into some old friends who had a booth with fresh eggs right off the farm and she gave me a dozen for what I had left: a dollar bill and a few quarters (a big discount).

After eating the excellent, brightly orange, extremely tasty eggs for breakfast a few days later,

I decided to join their co-op. I'll get 6-8 varieties of produce plus a dozen eggs a week.

Three clucks for great deals!


Modemom said...

I remember a beautiful copy of Heidi we had at home when we were kids. It was quite large and had beutiful full-page illustrations I think. Aunt Laurel has some of those old books. I'm not sure at which house she would have it--Florida or Massachusetts. I think they have left for Mass. already, but if it's there maybe she could leave it with Sue when they see her at the end of this month and you could see it at the reunion in August if it comes to fruition.

I'd joint that co-op too if I lived there. Maybe I'll come up for the summer!


Brenda Christmas said...

You paid a dollar for a book that was free with a purchase of Folgers? LOL - that's hilarious! How old is it?

My mom used to love flea markets when I was growing up. I might like them too if I had someone to go with -- and I don't mean my teenage daughter who would be bored and complaining. :-p

Michelle said...

Okay, where is this possible reunion taking place? 'Cause if it's around here we need to meet!

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

That would be wonderful. This isn't a particularly nice copy, but it does have the hymns in it, which I look forward to reading. I hope one day to come across a really nice copy!

And thank you; it's good to BE back:)

Melanie (aka Timber) said...

Oh, and Brenda...uh, I'll get back with what did I do with that silly book...